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About hiring the Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra


Q. Is it possible to hire the Orchestra?

Q. Is it possible to suggest a different program with the contract?

Q. How much time in advance the contract must be agreed upon?

About Musical or Artistical Collaborations


Q. I am a composer, how could I collaborate?

Q. How could I publish a CD with Non Profit Music?

Q. How could I submit my work for its evaluation?

Q. If the CD is published in Spain, is it also published in the USA?

Q. How do I know the benefits go integrally to donations?

Non Governmental Organizations


Q. Do you only collaborate with Doctors Without Borders?



Q. Do you accept any type of sponsorship?

Q. How could I sponsor a Foundation NPM activity?

Press Access


Q. How could I access the Press Access area?



Q. Can I deduct my donation in some type of Tax declaration?

Q. Can donations be made over the Internet?

Publications Requests (CDs, Sheet Music, Books...)


Q. Where can I get Books, CDs or Sheet Music?

Q. Would you like to buy any score of Jorge Grundman?

Grants and Financial Aid


Q. Do you provide with any type of financial aid, grants or scholarships?

Volunteer Program


Q. How can I offer my help to the Non Profit Music Foundation?