The Foundation Non Profit Music arises as a response to the current incidence that classical music has in the world, the progressive decrease of top degree students in the music conservatoires, the lack of motivation of the of the public to assist representations of classical music, an example could be the “chamber music”, and the loss of sensibility towards the social and humanitarian action.


The Foundation Non Profit Music believes that it is possible to create initiatives that will help solve these deficiencies in our society, and even that those initiatives could act in a combined manner.


This way, the activities of the Foundation Non Profit Music will be directed to the promotion and broadcasting of the musical culture and, simultaneously, sensibilizating the population towards the solidarity and the collection of funds for social and humanitarian purposes.

Besides, the Foundation Non Profit Music supports a recording activity with the company Non Profit Music S.L. for the diffusion of the contemporary music, helping to the diffusion of new creators and looking for the sensibilization towards the humanitarian aids. The record company completely destines all the benefits that it gets for the sale of its publications to the Non governmental Organizations which select the above mentioned authors in a totally transparent manner, and delivering all accounting books to be audited by those ONGs.


The Foundation Non Profit Music is constituted On December 23, 2004 and after obtaining the favourable report of the Counsellor of Culture and Sports of the Community of Madrid, in respect of the sufficiency of the funds as well as in the pursuing of purposes of general interest, in February 23, 2005 the Foundation is  registered in the Record of Foundations of the Community of Madrid, remaining assigned from this instant in the Protectorate of Foundations of the Council of Culture and Sports.

Regsiter Data: Hoja Personal 402. 1ª Tomo LXXXIX, Folios 301-320.