NPM 0512

With the Nine Senses

Grundman, Jorge;

Vega, Francisco José; Cano, Juan Pedro (coords.)



“With Nine Senses” is a summary of statements that try to bring over to the public the human face of the cooperation thru the experiences of cooperating people and to gather aspects of the life and the culture of other countries, showing how different cultures can be and coexist pacifically.


But with nine senses is also musical. Music for trioes of string that tries, with few hands, to awake emotions, like in the world of the solidarity. Nine musical movements inspired by the words of the cooperating ones that express our way of being employed for a healthy world and in harmony.


This work is thought so that the one who reads the statements while listening to the music is capable of putting in the place of others, of understanding other cultures, of being impregnated by them and to assimilate other manners of interpreting life. On top of that, this work is dedicated to all those that deliver part of their lives to make a better world and, especially, to all these persons who still today live in poverty.


With nine senses is a project that the composer Jorge Grundman and Medicus Mundi were working for over  two years. This labor has formed finally of a book consisted of nine short stories inspired somehow by the experiences of cooperating people that have been employed at other countries or persons who have collaborated in a voluntary way with Medicus Mundi at some point. The book has its complement in a CD with three trioes for string composed by the owner Jorge Grundman and interpreted by the musicians Daniel Francés (violin), Fernando Lopez (violates) and David Johnstone (violoncello). The words of the volunteers have also served as a source of inspiration for the musical pieces.


The musicians as well as the composer and the writers of the stories have collaborated in a voluntary manner to make this dream come true.


Book in Spanish Only

String Trio Nº 1 in A Flat Major

Jorge Grundman (1961-)

I. Moderato

II. Adagio molto expressivo

III. Allegretto

String Trio Nº 3 in G Major

Jorge Grundman (1961-)

I. Moderato

II. Andante

III. Adagio

String Trio Nº 2 in C Major

Jorge Grundman (1961-)

I. Allegretto

II. Maestoso

III. Moderato