NPM 1112

Play It Again

Trío Arbós

XXIth works for Piano Trio



The program of this SACD arises as a genuine recital, conceived in this case as a progression from a very slow to a real fast tempo, where all the intermediate stages are presented. Apart from that, at the end, it includes an encore which is a gift given by the performers to the audience in return to their applause. Although listening to this music in your living room is undoubtedly a different experience from the concert, there is no lack of warmth in it. It will provoke your applause, perhaps suppressed in the solitary hearing... However, although mute, this applause will also receive its corresponding encore: not a usual one, not the current repetition of an already heard fragment of the program or a conventional piece. No, this encore is different, as it is the recital itself.

Slow Dance

Kenji Bunch (1973-)

Scales of Joy and Sorrow

Marjan Mozetich (1948-)

I. Slow and Fast

II. Arabesque

III. Fast and Slow

A Walk across Adolescence

Jorge Grundman (1961-)

Calliope Dreaming

Elena Kats-Chernin (1957-)

Cafe Music

Paul Schoenfield (1947-)

I. Allegro

II. Andante Moderato. Rubato

III. Presto


Chick Corea (1941-) (Five Stars on Perfomance)

"...This proved to be a very well-played and well-programmed disc, bringing a number of undoubtedly talented contemporary composers to my attention. The disc lives up to its title, "play it again", as I did so, several times and with increasing enjoyment. If you like chamber music in general, then I implore you to explore this disc."


"...Pasito a pasito, y con muy buena letra, Non Profit Music se está haciendo con un señor catálogo que lleva el lema pro musica sana abrochado en cada disco...El Trío Arbós, cómplice total de esta pegadiza gramola, se apunta aquí uno de sus mayores tantos. Y es que cuando el disco se acaba, dan ganas de repetir. Vamos, exactamente lo que dice el título.."