The Non Profit Music Foundation will convene a concert once a year. The fundraising from this concert will be intended for the emergency fund of Doctors Without Borders. A prestigious conductor, performer or orchestra will be selected to play a certain repertoire aimed at the reconciliation between the public and the contemporary classical music.


The selected repertoire will be charged with great emotion and will try, at the same time, to feature composers that are not normally programmed in Spain, such as Lars Erik-Larsson, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger or Frederick Delius; Vladimir Martynov, Lera Auerbach, Georgs Pelecis or Astor Piazolla, among others. All of them are relatively contemporaneous and have a view of music that, far from reaching experimentation and innovation, is focused on classic harmony and melody. This is called by some authors as “consonant music”. It coexists with the most innovative trends that have moved away the public from the classical music due to their lack of comprehension.




Research, Development and Innovation


Another basic objective of the Non Profit Music Foundation is to promote Doctoral Thesis and Final-Year Projects applied to the investigation, development and innovation of composition, recording and music production techniques; as well as the spreading of contents through telecommunication systems.


Therefore, aids for the carry out of these projects and agreements supported by this Foundation and both Spanish and international Universities will be established.




Record Company


The first activity of the Non Profit Music Foundation was, so to speak, the creation of the Non Profit Music record label. Due to the complexity involved in a foundation’s set up, the first steps were designed to create a record company that could feature new composers of very emotive instrumental contemporary music.