Collaborating Companies

Here are the companies which we have worked together, we have helped or have been employed at some point by Non Profit Music Foundation to carry out its activities. From here our gratitude to all of them for allowing us to move forward. In alphabetical order ...



Auditorio de Barañáin


In this auditorium was the premiere of our Book-CD "Con los nueve sentidos" (With the nine senses) to benefit Medicus Mundi. In this concert it was premiered both String Trios Nos 1 and 3 written by Jorge Grundman and the Romantic European Pieces written by David Jhonstone.


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Ayuntamiento de Madrid


The Madrid City Council allowed us to access the Music Auditorium in the  Palacio of Cibeles and organize the concert series Madrid al Piano, with the placement of banners on lampposts and on the main facade of the Palace itself.


Boosey & Hawkes


The music publisher Boosey & Hawkes gave us the rights of some works for the benefit concert "Madrileños for Haiti" that we celebrate at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid and that was broadcasted by Radio Spanish Television.




Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria subsidized to Medicus Mundi for a concert we could arrange at the Auditorium Music in the Palacio of Cibeles and in which we help them disseminate their work. It was the debut of the string quartet Habemus Quartet.




Auditorium Music in the Palacio of Cibeles named CentroCentro for being the Cultural Center of Center District of Madrid has been our headquarters for many of our concerts like the presentation of Habemus Quartet, the premiere of the oratorio A mortuis Resurgere: The Resurrection of Jorge Grundman Christ or the Madrid concert series Piano.







Centro Cultural Conde Duque de Madrid


The Conde Duque Cultural Center has hosted two memorable concerts for us. One with the Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra headed by Ara Malikian and the other with B3 Classic Trio in the presentation of their album Chamber Music Discoveries in a concert too benefit Medicus Mundi.




CHI & Partners


The international agency CHI & Partners echoed our activities from London and subsidized to us a charity concert to spread the work of Doctors Without Borders. Ara Malikian and the Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra at the National Auditorium of Music of Madrid performed the concert.




Consejería de Cultura y Deportes

de la Comunidad de Madrid


The first grant we received came from them and them have helped to us to launch several CD like No Seasons, Three Portraits With Shadow, MINDS. We have also gained significant media support in concerts as "Madrileños for Haiti" held at the National Auditorium music of Madrid.







The Japanese company HOYA dedicated to manufacture high precision crystals was our first sponsor and who therefore keep a special place in our hearts. We made a special edition of the CD Tears of Beauty for them, in front of which was Ara Malikian and Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra.





Junta de Extremadura - Orquesta de Extremadura


The Junta de Extremadura through Extremadura Symphony Orchestra collaborated with us in a way we will never forget. We could not only perform the recording of two CDs under the baton of Jesús Amigo, one of them with  Lola Casariego, but we held concerts in Caceres and Badajoz to spread the work of Medicus Mundi.






Ministerio de Cultura


Our concerts at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid have been possible thanks to the authorized use of the room by the Ministry, which has always seen us the right quality to offer the culture of contemporary music associated with the spread of solidarity .






Monge y Boceta


The Monge and Boceta musical partners have always treated us with deference to intercede for us with the music publishing business and lower their costs of rights of many of the works that have led to the concerts we held at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid and that were broadcasted by Spanish Radio Television.






Music Sales Classical


The Music Sales Classical gave us some works for the benefit concert "Madrileños for Haiti" we celebrate at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid and that was broadcasted by Spanish Radio Television.








The company dedicated to rental and sale of percussion instruments quintessential in Spain has given to us the impossible and always with cordiality so that we could carry out our recordings and concerts as God's Sketches with the Brodsky Quartet, Susana Cordón and Jaime Fernandez or 2 + 2 4 Kapustin with Daniel del Pino, Ludmil Angelov and Neopercusión.







Phoenix Classical


Communications agency overseas that has made that all our publications find an echo in both the written and radio stations in the US and Canada press.









Our agency communication and public relations from the beginning and reserved to all the mainstream media, who have led us by the hand, advised and helped with everything we dreamed and undertaken.







Radio Televisión Española


Always supporting us since our inception, they have echoed each and every one of our most emblematic concerts. With all the strength and all the love of each and every one of the members of production and realization of Los Conciertos de La 2. But we can not miss here Radio Clásica that echoed all our publications with a commendable job for defending the culture and has allowed us to get a foothold in the world of contemporary classical music.






Sociedad General de Autores y Editores


Assuring us step by step from our beginnings as a record company to as how to organize and prepare concerts and disseminate contemporary musical creation.






Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


They decided to support a concert dissemination among all members of the university community: teachers, students and administrative staff and services so that we could carry out the charity concert "Madrileños for Haiti".






WildKat PR


The agency communications and public relations based in London, Germany and New York that has helped to spread by all means related to our project with classical music through our CEO Jorge Grundman.