In Crescendo

Daniel del Pino. Habemus Quartet


NPM 1807 | 8437005650138

COMPOSER Andreas Foivos Apostolou · Pavel Karmanov · José González Granero · Elena Kats-Chernin · Iván Palomares de la Encina · Jan Wachowski ARTIST Daniel del Pino · Habemus Quartet

• World Premiere Recordings of works awarded in 2016 Cum Laude Music Awards
• A Consonant Chamber Music Recital for the 21st Century

"... Six contemporary composers from different countries, each with their own perspective on what consonance means. Kudos to the Non Profit Music Foundation for sponsoring the competition. And kudos to pianist Daniel del Pino and the Habemus Quartet. Their committed performances brought this music to life ..."

"...The recording quality is of the very top drawer... This is a fascinating snapshot of one aspect of music today ..."

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