Shoah for Solo VIolin and Sacred Temple

Vicente Cueva


NPM 1709 | 8437005650121

COMPOSER Jorge Grundman ARTIST Vicente Cueva

• A Partita for Solo Violin to hommage all the Victims of the Holocaust.

"... Shoah is a unique work that cannot be compared to any other piece of music...Grundman’s music contains passages of Bachian figuration, hence the term partita, interspersed with arching melodic and lyrical lines that offer a suggestion of Hebrew modes without the influence being obvious or distracting. There is not a great deal of stylistic variety between one movement and another, because that is not the point. In honing a language to fulfill the contemplative function of the score, the composer has succeeded with admirable subtlety, and of course the sonority of a solo violin carries its own Jewish connotations per se. Even so, there is more diversity and incident here than in a comparable work, the well-known Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by Górecki. Shoah does not invite the listener to drift off ..."

"... A disc for the history...". Disc of the Month

"… A Partita to dream about....tearful glances that move torn by the bow of emotion gratifying …". Awarded with Gold Melómano

"... A sum of emotions ..."

"... the piece is a beautiful and moving memorial elegy ..."

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