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The Non Profit Music Foundation was constituted on the initiative of the music writer Jorge Grundman on 2004, December 23rd and after obtaining a favourable report from the Regional Minister of Culture and Sports of the Community of Madrid regarding the adequacy of the endowment as well as the pursuit of general interest purposes, it was registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Community of Madrid on 2005 February 23rd, remaining from that moment on assigned to the Protectorate of Foundations of the Regional Ministry of Culture and Sports.


The Non Profit Music Foundation arises as a response to the current presence that classical music has in the world, the progressive decrease in the number of higher grade students in the conservatory, the lack of motivation for the public to attend classical music performances, as an example we can indicate chamber music, and the loss of sensitivity towards social and humanitarian action.


The Non Profit Music Foundation believes that it is possible to create initiatives that help to solve these deficiencies in our society, and even that these initiatives act in a combined way.


Thus, the activities of the Non Profit Music Foundation are aimed at the promotion and dissemination of musical culture and, simultaneously, at raising awareness of the population in the sense of solidarity and at raising funds for social and humanitarian actions.


In addition, the Non Profit Music Foundation maintains a recording activity for the diffusion of contemporary music, helping the diffusion of new creators and seeking to raise awareness of humanitarian causes.


Board of Trustees

President Jorge Grundman


Secretary Luis Autberto Bañón


Member Mar Bañón


Member Jose Ramón García-Llorente



Tax address

Alcalde Sainz de Baranda, 89 - 2º D

28007 Madrid



Phone +34 915 747 119




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